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Charcoal Tablets - Self-lighting Al-Fakher charcoal tablets
Made in China, 10 rolls / 100 tablets, 33mm size.


To use self-lighting charcoal:
Place incense burner or cauldron on heat-proof surface.
Place tablet into burner, or hold tablet in charcoal tongs.
Use match or lighter and touch flame to tablet surface for a few seconds. Caution: DO NOT TOUCH tablet! Flame may not be visible as it passes over the tablet.
Allow tablet to sit in burner for 3 - 4 minutes. This will burn off any odor and prepare tablet for use.

Place small amount of your incense, resin or wood on tablet.

~ Place tablet outside to light. All self-lighting tablets will produce a slight odor as they ignite. This will disappear after 3 - 4 minutes. After tablet is burning well it will produce no scent and can be used indoors or out.
~ Place sand in bottom of burner to protect finish and keep burner cooler.
~ Place a small piece of aluminum foil over burning tablet, then add incense, resin or wood. This will allow the item to burn longer and produce less smoke.

Al-Fakher Charcoal 33mm

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