CD -Beginning Guide to Healing... The chakra system consists of seven energy centers, aligned with portions of the body with a high concentration of nerve activity, that act in tandem to keep our bodies healthy and our minds harmonized. Energy flows through these centers in up and down trajectories. When the energy moves through these centers freely, one will experience grounding and stability. When there are blockages, one will experience problems, be they psychological distress, illness or a general sense of unease.

This program, narrated by Anodea Judith, offers an in depth discussion of the chakra system, helping the listener to better understand its purpose and mechanics. She discusses the role of each chakra - where it is located, what it impacts and the elements it is associated with. Judith also offers discussion on the topics of life energy, yoga, balancing the chakras and finishes with a 35 minute guided meditation practice. Instructional Audio CD.