Soak yourself with beautilful Clear Quartz which is known as the "Universal Stone". It enhances the universal energy by balancing it. Therefore it is great for balancing and harmonizing your environment. Clear Quarts is used for healing and protection. External uses only.


Not only does this Bath Bomb have a beautiful Clear Quartz stone inside, it is also made with Clear Quartz gem essence. Therefore you are washing yourself with the properities of the Clear Quartz.


Gem essence contains vibrations or energy imprint of a Crystal


This special edition gem essence is powered by the Solar Eclipse of 8/21/2017


Chakra: Crown and All Chakras.


External uses only. Do NOT ingest. Raw natural gemstones ma contain rough or sharp edges, use caution when using the Bar Soap or Bath Bomb.

Clear Quartz Gen Essence Eucalyptus Bath Bomb