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Charcoal Tablets -
Wood base charcoal tablets (not self-lighting) clean burning, 96 tablets per box.

These are not self-lighting tablets! This all natural charcoal contains no saltpeter to aid in lighting. They produce no scent, even while lighting, and can be used indoors or out.

To use:
Place incense burner or cauldron on heat-proof surface.
Hold tablet in fingers or in charcoal tongs.
Use lighter and hold flame to tablet for 30 seconds, then blow on charcoal. Repeat until tablet continues to glow.
Allow tablet to sit in burner for 3 - 4 minutes until entire tablet is glowing.

Place small amount of your incense, resin or wood on tablet.

~ Use small hand torch for easier ighting.
~ Place sand in bottom of burner to protect finish and keep burner cooler.
~ Place a small piece of aluminum foil over burning tablet, then add incense, resin or wood. This will allow the item to burn longer and produce less smoke.

Easy-Lite Charcoal

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