The first half of the book goes into detail on Kabbalist thought concerning the individual's relationship to God and/or the metaphysical world around us. The last chapters deal with effective methods of meditation, crystal gazing and astrology. We highly recommend this book in your collection. It contains a few mistakes but for the most part it is a very enlightening book.


Used, (and out of print since 1988). Condition will be 'good' or better. Picture shows dust jacket cover but some copies may not have this cover. You may receive hard back or paper back! Binding will be strong and all pages in good condition. There may occasionally be a few marks, highlights or a dog ear but other than that all copies are clean and very readable.

In other words...they are all used and may show a little wear but the book is worth reading if you don't mind a few possible (small) flaws.

Since these are used you may be able to find one at a lower price elsewhere? We stock these for those who can't find one or wish to purchase one now.

Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge


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