Dioscorides Kyphi Incense - All natural ancient Egyptian recipe recorded by the Greek physician Dioscorides around 50 A.D.

Some of the 10 ingredients mentioned in the ancient recipe are difficult to identify in the modern world. We have gone to great lengths to not only determine what those ingredients might be, but also to purchase as many of those ingredients as possible directly from Egyptian and Middle Eastern sources. We feel we can confidently say this is one of the more authentic Kyphi incense blends available. We form our handmade Kyphi Incense into small 'disks' so it will easily lay on charcoal tablets.

Must be burnt on charcoal. 1 oz or 28 grams, about 18 to 20 pieces.

Jar will be approximately: 1/3 Full.

Dioscorides original recipe: 
"24. KUPHI 
Cyphi is the Composition of a perfume, wellcomme to ye Gods: the Priests in Egypt doe vse it abundantly. It is mixt also with Antidots, & it is giuen to the Asthinaticall in drinkes. There are many waies of the making of it carryed about, in which this also is. Take one half a Sextarium of Cyperus, of full juniper berries as much, of plum raisins of the Sun stoned twelve poundes; Resinae repurgatae 5 lb., of Calamus Aromaticus, of Aspalathus, & of Iuncus odoratus, of each a pounde, of Myrrh twelue dragms, of old wine nine sextarios, of Holly twoe lb. Hauing taken out the stones of the raisins, pound the Raisins, & worke them together 'with wine and Myrrh, & pounding and sifting the other thinges mix them with these, and let them drinck vp the liquor one day. Afterward seething the Holly, till it comme to a glutinous Consistence, mix the Rosin being melted carefully with it, & then hauing pounded all the other thinges diligently together, put them up into a vas fictile".