DVD - whether you are someone new to yoga or someone with a bit of experience under their belt, you'll find a lot to benefit from in the instruction of Kathryn Budig. QUICK START YOGA FOR BEGINNERS & MORE offers several workouts applicable to yogis at various skill levels. For the novice, she begins with detailed instruction of several core poses that you'll encounter during her workout, like Crow Pose, Half Moon Pose and headstands.

Budig offers both a beginner and an intermediate level workout that each feature a flowing set of asanas with voice over instruction to guide you through the practice. All of the workouts feature Budig's "Aim True" philosophy at their heart, which can help yogis stay focused and follow through on their fitness goals. A bonus interview is featured where Budig discusses her philosophy, her background and advice for yoga success. Running time: approx. 80 minutes.