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Hooded Robe - 100% Cotton Denim robe with attached hood and sleeves. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Machine wash cold water and low heat dryer to reduce shrinkage. Assorted colors, custom sizing. After purchase we will email you requesting size and style information. The robe will then be custom made for you and delivered in about 5 - 6 weeks.


Now available with either a fully open front, or with a closed front which must be pulled over the head to put on. The open front style is also available with optional (free) clasp, placed in front near the neck, which simply pulls the robe closed in front at the neck (it does not close the entire front of the robe, only the neckline).

This is a Custom made item which we cannot refund. After we request, and receive, your measurement information we then place the order and the work begins.


Therefore we cannot issue a refund after you return your measurements to us.


We now offer three shades of blue, a dark or Navy Blue, a Royal Blue, and a Turquoise Blue (which is a Blue Green color).

Robe - Cotton

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