Saxon Witchcraft - Buckland was one of the first to explore Wicca from a solitary perspective.This 30th Anniversary Edition was originally written 30 years ago to correct abuses he saw occurring in covens, Buckland offered Wiccan seekers an introductory text on Saxon witchcraft or Seax-Wicca, which can be practiced alone.

Buckland presents meticulously researched information on the time-honored tradition of Saxon witchcraft, includes the history, mythology, spiritual practices, and witchcraft of Saxon England. Buckland's Book of Saxon Witchcraft includes everything the solitary witch needs to practice Seax-Wicca, including: Descriptions of the Saxon deities and explanations of their primary beliefs, an introduction to the magical runic Saxon alphabet, a selection of original Pagan songs, a selection of Seax-Wiccan recipes for intoxicants, instructions for initiation ceremonies, the eight Sabbats, marriage, birth, and death rites, an explanation of the art and practice of Saxon Galdra or magic and the divination and herbal lore used for protection, love potions, and healing.


The Seax-Wicca Rite of Self-Dedication allows individuals to form their own covens and initiate themselves into the Craft. An indispensable handbook for solitary witches or for witches in covens who want to explore Saxon witchcraft. Originally published as The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft, this edition offers a new introduction by the author to guide a new generation of witches into the art and practice of Seax-Wicca - paperback, 176 pages.