Unusual Gifts - Speculum wall mirror depicts a young women looking into the mirror of time to see her image as it lies beyond the grave. Latin inscriptions surround the edge, intertwined snakes line the top. Cast resin with glass mirror, felt pads at bottom allow the piece to stand freely or it can be mounted on a wall - Approximately 15 1/2" tall x 12" wide.


NOTE! All shipping services seem to break the mirror (not the frame) during shipping. Since this is an unusual item, which many of our customers would like to purchase, we have decided not to discontinue this item because of the problem with mirror breakage during shipping. We will do our best to get the item and mirror to you unbroken, however, if the mirror (not the frame) should break during shipping YOU will need to purchase a new piece of mirror at your own expense. This can usually be done at your local glass shop for about $10.00.



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