DVD - The experience of dying is one every living creature on earth must eventually face. However, this process does not need to be met with fear. The Tibetans have long undergone a ritual to guide the dying through the process of death into rebirth using a tome called "Bardo Thodol', or the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This two part series from Alive Mind Media takes a deeper look at the practice, both its traditional uses in the East and its potential applications in the West.

The first part, titled "A Way of Life," delves into the history of the book and Tibetan death rituals. Footage from an interview with the Dalai Lama is featured, as well as excepts of the ritual being perfomed in a Western hospice context. The second part is called "The Great Liberation," which follows a monk and his acolyte as they administer death rites to a local villager. This segment walks the viewer through each part of the process, describing what the spirit will encounter along the way. Includes narration from Leonard Cohen. Running time: 90 minutes.